How to Raise Prices without Losing Customers

Are you charging enough in your service-based business? If you’re anything like I was a couple of years ago, you’re not. It’s a frequent plague of micro-businesses to undercut competitors and then wonder why they can’t pay their bills, or why they’re working their tails off and making no money for themselves. Seth Godin calls… Read More »

Restaurant Suppliers- A Restaurant Owner’s Best Friend

Have you ever thought that you would like to open a restaurant? Who hasn’t! There is a certain romance inherent to the idea of making wonderful food and welcoming guests to your unique establishment, kind of like a permanent dinner party.  If you haven’t got good suppliers, this dream can become a nightmare. Here are… Read More »

Want to Expand? Take your Business Global Without the Travel

A guest post by Sloan McKinney Expanding internationally is no longer for the privileged few big businesses. Today, small businesses everywhere are able to expand globally, and with nothing more than the help of the internet. Planting the Seed If you have ever been apprehensive about expanding your small business abroad, you are not alone…. Read More »

Why the Women’s Hockey Gold Medal Game Has Nothing to Do with Skill (Ditto for Your Business)

It’s a controversial opinion, but it’s mine: whichever team wins the Women’s Hockey Gold Medal will win not because of skill, but because of two intangible but critical things: intention and mindset. It has little to do with skill or talent or training. Neither team is more skilled than the other; they are evenly matched… Read More »

Staffing for the Bootstrapping Entrepreneur: How and When to Hire

Staffing is a hard thing for the bootstrapping entrepreneur. On the one hand, you want to hire the best people to help you make a whole lot of money. On the other hand, you don’t want to hire too many people at the start of your business, in case you don’t make a whole lot… Read More »

All the Start-Up Advice You Need: The Best of the Write Ahead Blog

We’ve never done a round-up post. So here it is! Your MBA in a box. Check out our most popular and informative posts from the past two and a half years – and get some inspiration to help you kick-start your business this year! Business Planning   Still Writing That Business Plan? Here’s How to… Read More »