Just wanted to say thank you again [for your editing help…it] was fantastic. There were specific sentences that I just didn’t know how to position and somehow you found those and changed them perfectly. You know how, when you read something, it just speaks to you? Well, that’s exactly what you did.

Ale BrownKirke Consulting

Jessica was the primary content writer for our corporate website as well as a number of specialized reports we had written. She was always professional, knowledgeable, and ensured that we were happy with both the service and the articles we received. The writing was always completed in a timely manner and we were extremely pleased with the results.

I have found working with [Jessica] to be an experience in professionalism. [She took] an educated stance on all of the issues that we had, worked to mitigate them and improve the overall experience all the way through. [She] adapted to our needs as well as delivered everything that we authorized…it was a positive experience with a lot of good take-aways.

Nick PetrieResidencity

Jessica and her crew of deft interpreters helped us understand our own vision and clearly shape it so that others could share it. Indeed, she was integral in our coming to be. With [Jessica’s] financials and clean concise work, we gained a partner and have embarked on a fantastic journey that has made us fall in love with our jobs all over again.

Steve da CruzProprietorThe Parker

Jessica was super organized and has a great team of people working with her. Celeste was particularly amazing!

Jackie EllisBeaucoup Bakery

I am very impressed with the editing quality that Jessica Oman offered me…She was the most attentive and talented writer I got help from. She listens very well, absorbing every point in your mind and choosing the right words to express them. I really appreciate her magnificent work, professionalism and pleasant personality. I am very pleased with the finished product and I feel comfortable recommending Jessica’s editing services to anybody.

JLEmily Carr graduate

Jessica is a fantastic editor and an asset to any business.

Ben GlickmanVancouver

Jessica…was fantastic to work with. She was reliable and met the deadlines. I would recommend her services for your EMBA project or business writing.

Kerry BrockVancouver

Jessica was very thorough and professional on this project and went above and beyond the call in researching the subject matter that we needed to have. I know she provided more than she bargained for originally and was a delight to work with. I look forward to working with her again.


Jessica was my answer to a business plan 911. My deadline was closing in, and the entire pagination went off track. [Her] team jumped in and finished off my plan, enhancing the work that was started. After working with [her company] I believe business plans should be left to professionals like them!