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Free Money for School: Yes, Even Entrepreneurs can Save for their Children’s Education

A guest post by Julia Chung All parents, whether they are employed, self-employed, or running corporations, think about saving for their children’s future post-secondary schooling costs. While it can seem bizarre to look at your 18-month-old up to their knees in mud, and imagine them accepting a university degree, the truth is that Grandma was… Read More »

How to Avoid Cash Flow Crunches that Swallow Your Personal Income

Alright folks it’s time for the first post in my Personal Financial Planning for Entrepreneurs blog series. I’ll keep writing as long as I have questions to answer, so leave a comment with the ONE thing you want to know about managing your personal finances as a business owner. The first question comes from Jennifer,… Read More »

Personal Financial Planning for Entrepreneurs: A New @RenegadePlanner Blog Series!

Today I’m sharing a little VIDEO! In which I explain why I’m doing a series specifically on personal financial planning for entrepreneurs, and what you can expect out of the series. Check it out: You know that personal finances are different for people who run their own businesses. You probably have variable income levels, pay… Read More »