Market Research

The Last Market Research Guide You’ll Ever Have to Read

When people grumble about how hard it is to write a business plan, they usually say it’s either the financials or the market research they find most overwhelming. Market research is hard for two reasons When there is a lot of information to sort through, it’s difficult to decide what’s relevant Where there isn’t enough… Read More »

Here’s Why You Have to Do all that Market Research for Your Business Plan

Yeah I know, research is tedious. Annoying. Time-consuming. You might think it’s only important for the bank. If you’ve sat down recently to try and complete a business plan, you’re probably thinking of that familiar line from high school math class: Teacherrrrrrrr!!!! Wheeen are we EVER gonna use this????? And just like 14-year-old you who didn’t… Read More »

Why Your Business Plan MUST Describe Your Ideal Customer

Marketers, business coaches and lots of other experts (including me) talk ad infinitum about how you need to know who your Ideal Customer is in order to run a scalable and efficient business that makes you happy every day. And yes, while just the thought of being able to work with your Ideal Customers every… Read More »

Your Target Market is Wasting Your Time

Imagine there was only one person you could sell your stuff to. Just one. And you could clone that person enough times to make your new business profitable forever. Who would that person be? I design business plans around the Ideal Customer. Being able to visualize and define that customer makes everything about business planning… Read More »

A Handful of Free Research Tools for Writing Your Business Plan

If your business doesn’t have the budget for custom market research projects or paywalled industry data, not to worry! The Government of Canada offers many free resources that you can use to get a better sense of your target market’s demographics and trends in your industry. These resources are a key starting point in writing a… Read More »