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Free Money for School: Yes, Even Entrepreneurs can Save for their Children’s Education

A guest post by Julia Chung All parents, whether they are employed, self-employed, or running corporations, think about saving for their children’s future post-secondary schooling costs. While it can seem bizarre to look at your 18-month-old up to their knees in mud, and imagine them accepting a university degree, the truth is that Grandma was… Read More »

Personal Financial Planning for Entrepreneurs: A New @RenegadePlanner Blog Series!

Today I’m sharing a little VIDEO! In which I explain why I’m doing a series specifically on personal financial planning for entrepreneurs, and what you can expect out of the series. Check it out: You know that personal finances are different for people who run their own businesses. You probably have variable income levels, pay… Read More »

Meet Our Sponsors: Julia Chung, Facet Advisors

Every entrepreneur needs to consider their personal financial needs along with the needs of their business. As a small business owner, these things go hand in hand – you start a business so you can control your own income, but the way you structure that income, and how you spend or invest it, matters a… Read More »