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The ONE Big Priority that Will Make or Break You as an Entrepreneur

A guest post by Michael Knouse Every entrepreneur I know goes through the proverbial rough patch where their income hasn’t quite caught up with their six figure dreams. And throughout this two-year period (on average) where you’re giving it everything you’ve got, you begin to wonder if you’re going to make it. You’ve done everything you… Read More »

Starting a Small Business: Building a Web Site

When I talk to people who are just starting a small business one of their biggest hangups is around how to design and build a web site, and how much they should spend to do so. In fact just last week I had this question from one of my newsletter readers: I’ve been selling products by… Read More »

Just Say No: When To Turn Down a Potential New Client

Have you ever been ask to start a new job with a client, but something just doesn’t feel right? Perhaps they asked for a discount before ever really explaining the scope of their project. Or maybe they asked you to travel across town  for the first meeting, when all your other clients meet by Skype…. Read More »

Meet Our Sponsors: Aleha McCauley, BA, MLIS Community Engagement Librarian UBC

Did you know the Small Business Accelerator is a UBC initiative? I didn’t until I met Aleha McAuley at the SOHO Business Expo last month. SBA has long been an important “cheat sheet” here at Write Ahead, giving us a great entry point for much of the research we do for our clients. Meet them… Read More »

Your Business, Your Terms: The 30-Day Blog Challenge, Day 6

I’m a strong believer that every entrepreneur should have a business plan, even if they don’t need funding. When you write a business plan for yourself, you can get really creative; it can be a vision board, a collage, a flow chart…whatever works for you (and maybe your staff). If you’re starting an online business… Read More »

Will You Join Us on A 30-Day Blog Challenge?

After spending 3 1/2 weeks travelling and running my business with very few hiccups, it’s really starting to sink in that if I plan it right (yep – it’s time for Write Ahead to revisit that business plan), this company really can work with clients all over the world. But to do that, we have… Read More »

Start A Food Blog For Your Food Biz

Food blogs are some of the most popular blogs in existence. From food lovers wanting to share their latest culinary adventures to entrepreneurs whose businesses are built on the freshest tastes in town, anyone can quickly start up a food blog. Want to start a food blog that stands apart? Read on for some tips… Read More »

How To Tell Clients Your Business Is Growing — And Changing

If you’ve reached the tipping point where your small business is not so small anymore, and it’s growth has exceeded your capacity to run it alone, it can be an exciting time of transition. While you may be more than ready to hire help to accommodate new clients and a heavier workload, you’ll need to… Read More »

Business Expansion: Grow Better, Not Larger

Expanding? What’s wrong with the business you’ve already got? Entrepreneurs are bold- they are brave enough to start businesses in uncertain times, they throw convention out the window, quit perfectly good “jobs” and define themselves by the way they are changing the world through their products and services. Sometimes, though, entrepreneurs bite off more than they can… Read More »

Improve Customer Care With Surveys

There are many brilliant ways to stay in touch with your customers, but if you really want to know what they’re thinking, you can’t beat the anonymity and neutrality of a survey. Simple email questionnaires can provide small business owners with priceless information on everything from how well your company is meeting your clients’ needs,… Read More »