Technology’s Your Thing. Writing Isn’t.

StartupVisaGraphicYour new tech company’s got something really special. A great team, an even better product, and a solution to a problem your customers didn’t even know they had.

It’s a winner, but you need some help (aka CASH). To get seed capital or Series A funding, you need to pitch investors. To pitch investors, you need a persuasive business plan and a pitch deck that WOWS. But do you know what to include in your presentation – or how to create one that makes an impact? This challenge delays far too many start-ups from, well, starting.

It’s hard enough to figure out what Canadian investors want to see in a pitch – and it’s even more difficult if you’re trying to get to Canada on a Start-Up Visa and you need a letter of support from an investor.

Whether you’re a Canadian entrepreneur or a Start-Up Visa hopeful, Write Ahead’s Plain Language Solutions offers the support you need to make sure you can impress investors when it’s time to make a pitch. We’ll create an exciting Executive Summary, Business Plan or visually stunning Pitch Deck that’ll help you stand out among everyone else looking for funding. And, we offer a free 30-minute consultation to help you decide if we’re a good fit to work with you. You can schedule that right now – it costs nothing and you have everything to gain.

What Investors Want in a Pitch

Canadian Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors set their own rules for what they want to see in a pitch, and every one’s a bit different. Some want an Executive Summary first; some just want a letter, followed up with a full business plan. Still others don’t care for those documents and prefer to view a pitch deck, or a slide presentation, to help them make a decision about whether to take the next step.

But wading through all of the requirements – and then spending all that time writing a plan or a pitch or an Executive Summary yourself – just takes too long. You want to focus on what’s most important – growing your business and perfecting your product. Fortunately, so do we.

If you’re looking for Canadian Venture Capital or Angel Investment – to get a StartUp Visa, or just to get to the next stage of your business – let Write Ahead help you create your winning pitch.

Not every VC fund or Angel investment group will be right for your company, but we can help you narrow down your search so that you are sending out your documents to the investors who will be the most interested in your company.

Our Start-Up Menu
  • Investor Shortlist: If you’re not sure who to approach first, we’ll narrow it down for you based on your type of business, stage of growth and requirement for funding.
  • Intro Pitch/Executive Summary: A quick two-pager that’s catchy, concise and leaves investors wanting more. Includes up to 5 management team bios.
  • Pitch Deck: We will create up to 20 snappy, concise and professional-looking slides for you to use in your presentations to Angel and VC investors.
  • Business Plan: To show potential investors what you’ve created and where it is going, we offer a fully developed business plan – research, writing and all – with up to 5 years of financial projections.
  • Business Plan or Pitch Deck Review: We’ll give your pitch the analysis your beer buddies can’t – making recommendations and asking you the tough questions so you can be battle ready when potential investors start looking you over.

Contact me today for a detailed information pack and get your business growing sooner.

Is Renegade Planner Right for Me?

Write Ahead - Web-5I’ve been writing business plans and creating amazing written content + financials since 2010. I’ve worked with retail, online, service and tech companies that have successfully attracted both investment funding and lending. I created my Pitch Deck and Start-Up Visa services to give entrepreneurs access to great business writing that gets results.

As Planner-in-Chief, I will help you see the big picture so you can plan for long-term success or an eventual exit. My writing skills are second to none, and with degrees in English and Education as well as an MBA, I’m setting a new standard for business writing.

Don’t Write It – Ignite It. You’ve got technology solutions, and I’ve got plain language aolutions. It’s time to light a fire under your business so it takes off sooner. Leave the words and the number-crunching to me.




Please note: We are a business writing and consulting company – not an immigration consultancy. If you are looking for advice on the immigration process, we would be happy to refer you to an immigration consultant who we have worked with.