The Solopreneur Myth: Why You Can’t Have a Successful Business all by Yourself

The Solopreneur Myth: Why You Can't Have a Successful Business all by Yourself

For millions of people, the dream of screwing the 9-to-5 is the ultimate objective. That side hustle that finally becomes your main source of income. And when we say goodbye to the cubicle, we think we’re free. We look forward to days on end in our slippers, control over our own schedules, and the time to cook extravagant meals daily in preparation for a Top Chef audition.

For an introvert like me, it’s a dream come true. Until you realize you haven’t spoken to anyone outside your home in a week. You’re frantically searching Facebook groups for answers to your business questions, but without the right context, people can’t give you the right advice. Your family doesn’t understand what you’re going through and your friends don’t even understand how you’re making money.

You’re alone. And it SUCKS.

Here’s the story of how I got out of the solopreneur silo.

In 2014, I persuaded Danny Iny of Mirasee to meet with me. I went to dinner with him and his wife. I had ulterior motives heading into that meeting. See, Danny was already building Firepole Marketing (that’s what Mirasee used to be called) into an amazing business at that time and did I ever want to be part of it.

I was running my business mostly by myself, with some part-time contractors. I didn’t really have a plan for how I wanted to grow it but I knew I wanted to get in front of his audience. He must have seen that I had no plan and any sort of joint venture would probably have been disastrous. Instead, he invited me to join his brand new mastermind group. I didn’t even know what a mastermind was, but if Danny said I should be in, I was in.

And holy shit did that change things.

You see, I’m a solopreneur. Yes, I’ve been running Renegade Planner for seven years. You’d think I’d have a full-fledged agency by now, but being in a mastermind group has helped me realize that a big company isn’t what I want. What I was craving all along was a sounding board – a place where I could share ideas, get feedback, offer advice and support to others and create a little business family, without actually having to add any people to my business.

The result? I don’t feel lonely anymore. I have people who understand what I do, have similar experiences, and know how to support me. I get to offer all of that to them in return.

Being in a mastermind group has changed my life. I get:

  • Mentorship and support
  • Advice that comes from experience
  • Access to many of the products, tools, and services that our members have created
  • Friendship <3 <3 <3
  • A broader network of business connections
  • Accountability when I need it…and the occasional swift (virtual) kick in the ass

Plus, they call me out on my bullshit at exactly the right times, which is probably the best part.

So, do you ever get lonely in your business?

Did you know that being part of a mastermind group can resolve that loneliness AND help you grow a successful business at the same time?

When your friends and family don’t “get” what you’re doing…when you’ve been wearing the same shirt for four straight days and haven’t ventured further than the grocery store…when you don’t know who to talk to or who to ask questions about your business…having a mastermind group at your back is a game changer.

I credit my mastermind group for improving my profitability, helping me bring a second business to multiple six figures, and for supporting me in becoming a more confident entrepreneur.

Do you want the same thing?

Enter: The Ignition Club.

In early 2017, I started the Ignition Club to give back to my clients and my audience the same way the mastermind I’m part of supports me. And I’d like to bring a few new members into the group – people who don’t want to be alone in their businesses anymore and need a personal “Advisory Board” to keep them excited and help them ignite their businesses.

I’m careful about who I accept. I keep the group small on purpose – I’m looking for people who are going to put in what they get out, who add diversity, personality, and energy to the group.

Is it exclusive? Yes, but right now, the price isn’t. Keep reading to find out more.

Here’s what I offer to Ignition Club members:

  • 60 minute group calls 2x/month (value: $297/month)
  • Ongoing Email threads for sharing ideas and questions (value: $47/month)
  • Quarterly 1-on-1 business plan checkup (30 minutes) (value: $297/quarter)
  • Annual meet-up in Vancouver (value: $997)

      TOTAL VALUE: $6,313 +++


  • Peer mentoring gives you the benefit of learning from other people’s experiences, which minimizes your mistakes and helps you grow your business faster.
  • Quarterly reviews keep you on track and help you know exactly where to focus, so you don’t get overwhelmed.
  • The chance to meet in person makes you accountable for your actions and helps you get more done in less time.
  • Ongoing email threads let you bounce business decisions off of other people in a similar stage of business as you – so you make better decisions overall

What could that mean for you?

  • A company that grows faster and more profitably
  • Lower expenses and less time spent on trial and error
  • People to celebrate your success with – who really get you
  • Like having a personal advisory board for your business

Membership is almost 50% off for anyone whose application is accepted before June 10, 2017. If you want to find out what being in a mastermind group can do you for you and your business, I encourage you to apply now.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a personal advisory board for your business, who you could call on whenever you had a question, or you were struggling to make an important business decision?

Well, now you have exactly that.

See, you really can’t grow your business alone. But that doesn’t mean you have to hire a team, take on a partner, or do anything that expensive or risky – at least not right now.

Instead, you can apply to join the Ignition Club, and start achieving your business goals faster with the help of some damn smart people.

Interested? Then let’s talk and see if we’re a good fit. You can apply right here.