Wantrepreneurs, Emerging Entrepreneurs and 
New Business Owners...

Are you tired of not having enough $$$, time, or motivation to plan and launch your new business?

From The Desk of Jessica Oman, Renegade Planner

Vancouver, BC

July 2014

Dear Emerging Entrepreneurs, new business owners, business rule-breakers and wantrepreneurs...

A few years ago, I was struggling with the same problems you have today. I had almost zero capital to start my new business, and it felt like there just wasn't enough time to do it right. I needed a plan - one that focused my ideas, built up my confidence, and worked to help me get financing if I needed it.

If you're looking for financing or investment for your business, then you already know you need a business plan. If you're bootstrapping, then you need an plan even MORE - because you need to know exactly how to spend the money you have, and make sure you don't waste a cent.

But creating a plan yourself - whether it's for a business loan, or just for you - is really hard without much business knowledge, and paying a consultant up to $5000 just doesn't make sense for your budget. So you're stuck. You need personalized support, education AND a business plan you can actually use once you get financing. I have your solution.

I'm about to launch a new program to help new entrepreneurs take their businesses from IDEA to OPEN. It's called Rebellious Business Planning: A Step-by-Step Program to Help You Plan & Build a Profitable New Company. It offers exactly the combination of Do-It-Yourself and expert advice that you need in order to remove the fear of starting a new business, create a plan that helps you get financing, and develop your own set of tools to guide the launch and growth of your amazing new business.

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Jessica Oman