What Does Google Consider Duplicate Content? A Brief Guide for Guest Bloggers

If you’re a new entrepreneur and you’re bootstrapping your business, you’re probably doing a lot of content marketing. Blogging, guest posts, podcasts, radio shows – you name it, if it’s “free” marketing (as in, it takes time, not money) you’re probably doing it. For many of us with low-budget businesses, content marketing is the #1… Read More »

Starting a Small Business: How to Name Your Business

Naming your business is like naming your kid (sort of). It’s hard to pick a name that your company will have to live with for the rest of its life. Your business name influences your branding and the way customers perceive you; it’s a key part of your new company’s identity, and I can understand… Read More »

Do I Suck At Marketing? The 30-Day Blog Challenge, Day 17

Building credibility and trust in the online world is essential to any company’s successful marketing campaign. Unfortunately most entrepreneurs get overwhelmed with all the possible ways they can build an audience online, and try lots of different tactics with minimal results. I’ve been guilty of this several times, and it’s frustrating because our content and… Read More »

Millionaires in the Making: The 30-Day Blog Challenge, Day 14

They said it wasn’t possible to create a profitable business where the core service was writing. THEY – my bosses, co-workers, former professors, Ph.Ds, serial entrepreneurs, investors, and consultants – were wrong. Now I don’t talk to many of THEM anymore, but there’s always a few naysayers kicking around. And now THEY say I’ve been… Read More »

A Dog, a Blog, and a Website: The 30-Day Blog Challenge, Day 13

When we’re writing business plans for our clients, they often ask how they “should” create their web sites. Is it worth spending up to $10,000 on a site that offers more than they need, so they don’t have to upgrade later? Or is bootstrapping – and buying a WordPress template and a DIY guide –… Read More »

Products + Online Revenue = Easy Profits? The 30-Day Blog Challenge, Day 10

Oh, don’t we wish it was that simple. Create a product, write a quick sales page, connect to PayPal and bam! You’re making money. More than likely, you’re hearing crickets. If you’re planning an online business, you need to decide where you want to earn the most money. If you try to create too many… Read More »

Your Business, Your Terms: The 30-Day Blog Challenge, Day 6

I’m a strong believer that every entrepreneur should have a business plan, even if they don’t need funding. When you write a business plan for yourself, you can get really creative; it can be a vision board, a collage, a flow chart…whatever works for you (and maybe your staff). If you’re starting an online business… Read More »

Why Business Plan Templates Don’t Work

Business plan templates force you to fill in a really long form, one step at a time, in a linear fashion. Do you know any business that grew in a straight line and didn’t need any adjustments or changes along the way? Can you think of a single business owner whose success rested squarely on… Read More »

Start A Food Blog For Your Food Biz

Food blogs are some of the most popular blogs in existence. From food lovers wanting to share their latest culinary adventures to entrepreneurs whose businesses are built on the freshest tastes in town, anyone can quickly start up a food blog. Want to start a food blog that stands apart? Read on for some tips… Read More »

Whet Their Appetites With Delicious Words

You’ve opened your restaurant, food cart, cafe or bistro. Now you need to let the people know how amazing your menu is, so they can’t wait to try your tasty offerings. Writing a mouth-watering menu requires the use of descriptive language to capture attention and make the mere idea of your catch of the day… Read More »