Why I’m Quitting Done-for-You Business Plan Writing

That’s right. After August, I’ll no longer be offering done-for-you (DFY) services. Am I closing my business? Absolutely not. I’m choosing instead to focus on increasing enrolments in my flagship business plan writing program, Business Plan Bootcamp, and adding new features and improvements to the course to make it the best business plan creation course… Read More »

The Solopreneur Myth: Why You Can’t Have a Successful Business all by Yourself

For millions of people, the dream of screwing the 9-to-5 is the ultimate objective. That side hustle that finally becomes your main source of income. And when we say goodbye to the cubicle, we think we’re free. We look forward to days on end in our slippers, control over our own schedules, and the time… Read More »