Small Business Finance

The Ultimate Guide to Business Budgeting in 2017 (and beyond)

What’s it going to cost to run your business this year? What’s that? You don’t know? Well, that’s a problem.   If you’ve been operating for at least a year, you might be inclined to assume it’ll cost the same to run your business this year as it did last year. But that’s a dangerous… Read More »

8 Business Planning Hacks other Consultants Won’t Tell You About

Think writing a business plan is hard? I sympathize – I promise. After writing hundreds of them over the years, I’ve developed a process to write them better and write them fast – and I’d like to share it with you. Why would I share the exact techniques I charge thousands of dollars to implement… Read More »

From Idea to Open: How to Get Organized to Launch Your First Business

So you’ve had this AWESOME business idea floating around in your head for what seems like forever. You think about it when you’re driving to work, you think about it in the shower, you think about it at 3 in the morning while your dog is snoring in the hallway. Have you ever thought about… Read More »

Equity Crowdfunding or Rewards Crowdfunding?

Considering crowdfunding to raise money to grow your business? Choosing which type of crowdfunding to pursue is an important strategic decision. You’re probably familiar with rewards-based crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, where companies ask for money in exchange for some “perk” – whether it’s a simple shoutout on social media or a sample of… Read More »

Free is Expensive

I’m all for bootstrapping, but let’s get clear about one thing. If you’re cheap, you can’t grow. You can’t scale. You can’t build a thriving little business that you love. Seriously, people. Just because you’re “virtual” or “online” doesn’t mean it costs zero dollars to run your business. Yes, there are lots of paid tools… Read More »

How to Successfully Market Your Equity Crowdfunding Campaign (Round-Up Post)

Think equity crowdfunding is the best way to raise money for your growing start-up? Even if the funding model makes sense for you, there’s a huge piece of the puzzle that’s critical to a successful campaign – and that’s marketing. Just like a Kickstarter campaign, you need to have a strategy for putting your funding… Read More »

Tired of Chasing Down Financing for Your Business and Having Everyone Slam the Door in Your Face?

Well – here’s a new option. It’s called Equity Crowdfunding. Heard of it? If you haven’t, think of it like a Kickstarter campaign, but instead of sending people a reward you give them just a few shares of your growing company. It might sound too good to be true, but it’s real: you can now… Read More »

Free Money for School: Yes, Even Entrepreneurs can Save for their Children’s Education

A guest post by Julia Chung All parents, whether they are employed, self-employed, or running corporations, think about saving for their children’s future post-secondary schooling costs. While it can seem bizarre to look at your 18-month-old up to their knees in mud, and imagine them accepting a university degree, the truth is that Grandma was… Read More »

How to Avoid Cash Flow Crunches that Swallow Your Personal Income

Alright folks it’s time for the first post in my Personal Financial Planning for Entrepreneurs blog series. I’ll keep writing as long as I have questions to answer, so leave a comment with the ONE thing you want to know about managing your personal finances as a business owner. The first question comes from Jennifer,… Read More »