You CAN do the Thing – Breaking Hard Jobs into Achievable Chunks

Guest Post by Megan Dougherty So you’re standing at the base of a mountain. You’re looking at the top, you know you want to be at the top, and glorious things await you there. Conceptually, you know you pretty much just need to go UP to get where you want to be. But you’d rather not… Read More »

How to Successfully Market Your Equity Crowdfunding Campaign (Round-Up Post)

Think equity crowdfunding is the best way to raise money for your growing start-up? Even if the funding model makes sense for you, there’s a huge piece of the puzzle that’s critical to a successful campaign – and that’s marketing. Just like a Kickstarter campaign, you need to have a strategy for putting your funding… Read More »

If You Have a Service-Based Business, You Should Definitely Try This!

A service business is easy to launch. There are no startup costs, and there’s nothing to manufacture. All you need is to sell your skills to people who are willing to buy. Sounds easy, right? The trouble is, a service business can quickly start to feel like just another job. When you’re offering services, your… Read More »

What Does Google Consider Duplicate Content? A Brief Guide for Guest Bloggers

If you’re a new entrepreneur and you’re bootstrapping your business, you’re probably doing a lot of content marketing. Blogging, guest posts, podcasts, radio shows – you name it, if it’s “free” marketing (as in, it takes time, not money) you’re probably doing it. For many of us with low-budget businesses, content marketing is the #1… Read More »

Are You Afraid of Succeeding in Business?

I’ve taken a pause from my weekly Starting a Small Business series to talk about something that’s been all over my emails and news feeds lately. It’s fear of success. Derek Halpern of Social Triggers fame sent an email about this on Monday – it was about a guy who wasn’t willing to invest a… Read More »

Starting a Small Business: Building a Web Site

When I talk to people who are just starting a small business one of their biggest hangups is around how to design and build a web site, and how much they should spend to do so. In fact just last week I had this question from one of my newsletter readers: I’ve been selling products by… Read More »

What Your Customers Really Want to Buy

It’s so easy to get caught up in what you think your customers want to buy, and forget to ask them what they really need from you. Ever created a product, and launched it to crickets? I have. There’s just one really good explanation for why this happens. No matter how good the product is,… Read More »

How Not to Market Your Business Like a Sleazebag

Last year I switched my entire business from in-person service delivery to an online model. I packed up my office, changed my brand, cut most of my operating expenses and went back to working in my kitchen. Let me just say this: BEST MOVE EVER. It was super scary because I’ve believed for a long… Read More »

Launching a Product vs. Launching a Business: What’s the Difference?

I teach people how to start companies from scratch. Most times, my clients don’t have a clue about budgeting, cash flow management, marketing strategy or funding when they first approach me. So that’s what I teach them while writing their business plans: the basics. How much it’s going to cost to launch this thing, where… Read More »

Why the Women’s Hockey Gold Medal Game Has Nothing to Do with Skill (Ditto for Your Business)

It’s a controversial opinion, but it’s mine: whichever team wins the Women’s Hockey Gold Medal will win not because of skill, but because of two intangible but critical things: intention and mindset. It has little to do with skill or talent or training. Neither team is more skilled than the other; they are evenly matched… Read More »