Market Research

The Last Market Research Guide You’ll Ever Have to Read

When people grumble about how hard it is to write a business plan, they usually say it’s either the financials or the market research they find most overwhelming. Market research is hard for two reasons When there is a lot of information to sort through, it’s difficult to decide what’s relevant Where there isn’t enough… Read More »

You CAN do the Thing – Breaking Hard Jobs into Achievable Chunks

Guest Post by Megan Dougherty So you’re standing at the base of a mountain. You’re looking at the top, you know you want to be at the top, and glorious things await you there. Conceptually, you know you pretty much just need to go UP to get where you want to be. But you’d rather not… Read More »

From Idea to Open: How to Get Organized to Launch Your First Business

So you’ve had this AWESOME business idea floating around in your head for what seems like forever. You think about it when you’re driving to work, you think about it in the shower, you think about it at 3 in the morning while your dog is snoring in the hallway. Have you ever thought about… Read More »

Here’s Why You Have to Do all that Market Research for Your Business Plan

Yeah I know, research is tedious. Annoying. Time-consuming. You might think it’s only important for the bank. If you’ve sat down recently to try and complete a business plan, you’re probably thinking of that familiar line from high school math class: Teacherrrrrrrr!!!! Wheeen are we EVER gonna use this????? And just like 14-year-old you who didn’t… Read More »

Why Your Business Plan MUST Describe Your Ideal Customer

Marketers, business coaches and lots of other experts (including me) talk ad infinitum about how you need to know who your Ideal Customer is in order to run a scalable and efficient business that makes you happy every day. And yes, while just the thought of being able to work with your Ideal Customers every… Read More »

If You Have a Service-Based Business, You Should Definitely Try This!

A service business is easy to launch. There are no startup costs, and there’s nothing to manufacture. All you need is to sell your skills to people who are willing to buy. Sounds easy, right? The trouble is, a service business can quickly start to feel like just another job. When you’re offering services, your… Read More »

Why You Should Never, Ever, EVER Discount Your Professional Services

It used to be that when my business got a little slow and I had fewer clients, I would offer some sort of discount to encourage people to get their projects started. Sometimes it worked really well, and I got lots of new customers. It worked because savvy, bootstrapping entrepreneurs know they need a business… Read More »

Starting a Small Business: How to Name Your Business

Naming your business is like naming your kid (sort of). It’s hard to pick a name that your company will have to live with for the rest of its life. Your business name influences your branding and the way customers perceive you; it’s a key part of your new company’s identity, and I can understand… Read More »