Die, Business Plan Template, Die! (I’m Leaving You for Something Far, Far Better)

GAWD I hate business plan templates. Don’t you?

I mean really. You come up with this incredible idea for a business. One that’s going to change the lives of thousands or millions of people. Something you’re passionate about.

So you decide to go for it. Write a business plan. Get some financing.

The first thing you do is go download a business plan template from a bank website or a small business resource site.

You get through the Business Overview section fast, because that’s easy – it’s just what your business is about and what you’re selling.

Frustrated Guy

But then the template starts to choke you.

Marrrrkeettttt Reeeesearrrrch…..

SWOT Analyssiiiisssss….


And pretty soon you’re forgetting why you were so excited about this business in the first place and you hate the template and you just want to quit. EVERYTHING.

It’s already too hard.

Business plan templates suck.

You know what works better? A planning framework.

Yes, it’s more than just rhetoric. A framework is flexible. Actionable. Focused on the specific problem your business solves – the thing that gets you SO jazzed anytime someone asks you about it.

Get your framework in place and the business plan becomes way easier. Maybe even…enjoyable?

So screw the template and download this free report where I’ll share my entire planning framework with you.

It’s the step I take with every client BEFORE I start writing their business plan. And it’s why I’m able to write them super fast and make lenders and investors want to empty their pockets on the spot.

Of course, you’ll probably have to fill in a template eventually, because lenders expect to see information presented in a certain way. But you can make it an easy fill-in exercise if you have the framework I teach in the free download I gave you above.

Leave a comment and let me know if you like it!

  • Harold Martinez

    It’s very hard to write a business plan. I’ve spent 1 week to prepare a business plan and then it was declined. Then I’ve hired a guy that write a professional business plan.