From Idea to Open: How to Get Organized to Launch Your First Business

So you’ve had this AWESOME business idea floating around in your head for what seems like forever. You think about it when you’re driving to work, you think about it in the shower, you think about it at 3 in the morning while your dog is snoring in the hallway. Have you ever thought about… Read More »

Die, Business Plan Template, Die! (I’m Leaving You for Something Far, Far Better)

GAWD I hate business plan templates. Don’t you? I mean really. You come up with this incredible idea for a business. One that’s going to change the lives of thousands or millions of people. Something you’re passionate about. So you decide to go for it. Write a business plan. Get some financing. The first thing… Read More »

Times are Tough (But How Tough are They?)

Times are tough, they say. I wrote recently about how the crappy economy might actually be a launching pad for people who want to start their own businesses. If you think about it, doesn’t it make sense? If we want to see equitable hiring, fair wages, more new jobs for skilled and unskilled workers –… Read More »

Yes, the Economy Sucks (but maybe that’s OK)

Ugh, I’m honestly really tired of hearing people complain that the economy is crap and there are no jobs and government needs to do something. Simultaneously we celebrate the sharing economy and get upset when governments want to regulate it – you know, because it would cost resources to do that (and probably create jobs)… Read More »

Equity Crowdfunding or Rewards Crowdfunding?

Considering crowdfunding to raise money to grow your business? Choosing which type of crowdfunding to pursue is an important strategic decision. You’re probably familiar with rewards-based crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, where companies ask for money in exchange for some “perk” – whether it’s a simple shoutout on social media or a sample of… Read More »

5 Crazy Simple Steps to Writing a Rock-Solid Business Plan BEFORE You Look for Financing

I just realized in more than six years of running a company that writes business plans, I’ve never written a general overview of how to write a business plan! WELL THEN. Time to fix that. For every business plan and pitch deck that I create for my clients, I follow the same process. And it doesn’t… Read More »

Free is Expensive

I’m all for bootstrapping, but let’s get clear about one thing. If you’re cheap, you can’t grow. You can’t scale. You can’t build a thriving little business that you love. Seriously, people. Just because you’re “virtual” or “online” doesn’t mean it costs zero dollars to run your business. Yes, there are lots of paid tools… Read More »

How to Successfully Market Your Equity Crowdfunding Campaign (Round-Up Post)

Think equity crowdfunding is the best way to raise money for your growing start-up? Even if the funding model makes sense for you, there’s a huge piece of the puzzle that’s critical to a successful campaign – and that’s marketing. Just like a Kickstarter campaign, you need to have a strategy for putting your funding… Read More »